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201 County Court Blvd, Unit 104, Brampton, ON L6W 4L2

Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction may be needed when the severity of an infected tooth is past the point of a filling or other viable options. A severely infected tooth can lead to immense pain and discomfort in your mouth and jaw. This level of damage needs to be dealt with a tooth extraction. Leaving an infected tooth in the mouth for long time could lead to more oral health issues including gum disease and even causing harm to other surrounding teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth (or 3rd molars) may need to be removed when they are decayed or they are not able to erupt which can cause infection in gums around the area. Wisdom teeth tend to grow in during late adolescence or early adulthood.

For those still nervous about wisdom teeth removal, County Court Dentistry offers different sedations including laughing gas, and local anaesthesia to help with comfortability.