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Tooth Implants

Missing teeth can lead to implications that range from everyday problems to long term oral health risks. Even issues with self-confidence may arise from having missing teeth, the avoidance to smile or take pictures can come with a feeling of insecurity. At County Court Dentistry, we believe everyone should be able to openly smile and feel good about themselves; and tooth implants are great option at fixing these varied issues.

As previously stated, missing teeth can cause long term oral health issues which include affecting surrounding teeth and bone. Problems can get as serious as bone deterioration and problems chewing and talking. A lack of teeth supporting the bone is what causes this, making implants imperative in some cases.

Forms of Tooth Implants

In most cases, following the implant being placed in the jawbone; healing takes about 3 to 6 months from when the tooth replacement can be attached over the area. This can be done once the implant is securely attached to the bone. The implant can be covered with crown, bridge or denture depending on the patient’s situation.

Tooth implants need a lot of care. Brushing and flossing of the implant must be done gently, it is recommended to get a toothbrush with longer bristles.